Saturday, 26 September 2009


super cute stationery over at ilovedielines

last night me and my girls drank saltaire raspberry blonde and pale ale in arcadia in headingley, which is the closest to a european drinkery i can find where i live. i heartily recommend it, although it can get too busy to sit down sometimes! i don't have to think when i'm with my girls, we just chat chat chat!

also... peep show series 6 is on top form! just started following all of the characters on twitter... didn't think i would ever get into twitter quite so much!! don't know what this says about me. does it mean i'm one of the yoof or having a notevenquitemidtwenties crisis?



  1. I have no idea what those drinks are, but they sound delicious.

  2. ah so cute, that stationary! it immediately drew my attention!


  3. You had me at raspberry blonde. YUM!

  4. Hello, nice to meet you! That drink sounds delicious, and it's only noon here!