Saturday, 26 September 2009


super cute stationery over at ilovedielines

last night me and my girls drank saltaire raspberry blonde and pale ale in arcadia in headingley, which is the closest to a european drinkery i can find where i live. i heartily recommend it, although it can get too busy to sit down sometimes! i don't have to think when i'm with my girls, we just chat chat chat!

also... peep show series 6 is on top form! just started following all of the characters on twitter... didn't think i would ever get into twitter quite so much!! don't know what this says about me. does it mean i'm one of the yoof or having a notevenquitemidtwenties crisis?


Thursday, 24 September 2009


the last post was a complete jinx

so here i go. i've spent the last week watching reality tv with my boyfriend, whilst the swine flu gallops away from us. today we managed to walk for an hour. thankfully, no more reality tv - watched three hours of the wire in a day so far. walking one hour, tv three hours, sleeping rest of hours.

well, i'm awake and pottering about on the internet, as the music (something shimmering with ciccada sounds) has hypnotised my boyfriend by a resisted but unconquerable wave of sleep.

i'm keen to become more successful with my etsy shop - to live off it - not just to cover bills, but to earn enough to save - is my dream. i want to save for jam jars, decorative wreaths with tiny sugaredalmondcoloured birds, floral wallpaper, art prints, sheet music, dresses, future houses, christmas presents, and mad men (after the wire, it's my turn to buy a tv series for us to watch)

this past week i have been looked after so well by my housemate - we fell into comfortable silences to america's best dancecrew, and she helped us get better without ever being claustrophobic (that's the worry, with the week's incubation period). i miss sarah though, and feel like i've hardly seen her since july! can't wait to see her screenprinted picture soon.

this weekend i wish to achieve: chocolate cake
this week i wish to achieve: sort out my money, list lots on etsy, sell lots on etsy, watch season 4 of the wire