Thursday, 30 April 2009


by gavin miller

gavin's photos are taken by placing a camera on a still surface and pressing "click".
he's never sure what the photo will look like, but i think it's certain that everytime, the colours will be so beautiful. there's a sort of movement to these steady photos; a really dreamy depth.


Wednesday, 22 April 2009


by kevin day
found here



Her Name is Calla at The Luminaire, London

I'm second from the left! Photo by Richard Knox



Gorgeous 60s folk photos by John Rudoff, M. D.
He took these when he was a teenager, aren't they amazing?

(found here)



not sure where this photo is from, but it is beautiful

My favourite song right now is Mr. Gaunt Pt 1000 by Soap&Skin
click here to hear it on spotify


Wednesday, 15 April 2009


This website combines two of my current favourite musical "tools": Spotify and!

It takes your favourite artists from your profile and finds the latest albums by that artist/similar artists on Spotify!

Here's the list of what it recommended me - I've spent the day checking out the Björk albums that I'd never gotten around to listening to before!


Tuesday, 14 April 2009


richard dawson is incredible live
i'm so glad i finally found a video of this song!
richard dawson - final moments of the universe



i like flicking through my diary and writing down what i have to do and when
i use a purple felt tip for "work" and pink one for "play"

i realised that in a few weeks time, there won't be much purple left at all, as i'll leave university

all i will have is my job, the regular shifts marked in purple will eventually cease to be written in
as they become habitual

it was quite a thrill to realise it could all be as pink as i want it soon



by sandra

"Everywhere i looked was something beautiful - Oriental rugs, porcelains, tiny paintings like jewels - a dazzle of fractured color that struck me as if I had stepped into one of those little Byzantine churches that are so plain on the outside; inside, the most paradisal painted eggshell of gilt and tesserae"
(Donna Tartt, The Secret History)